Importance Of The HR Department Of An Organization

The HR department of an organization has the ability to control the employees of an organization and ensure that they are provide with all necessities to perform their jobs. The Human Resource department is what ensures that the employees receive the allocated benefits on time and are always available to listen to them when they have complaints, issues and provide with solutions. Usually the person directly involved with the employees of the organization is the HR manager of the firm who is again accountable to the HR director if it is a large firm. Following are some of the factors that make the HR department of an organization important.

HRIS system software


Employees expect job safety from their employer, therefore it is important that are provided with necessary facilities so that their expectations will not be faced with disappointment. While employees have such expectations, it is also an obligation of the employer to provide health safety at the workplace from any possible harm that they might have to face at the workplace. This includes any health hazards from the machinery at the workplace or any other damages.


Some employees are liable to receive certain benefits from the firm. Depending on their job role, these benefits tend to differ. The HR manager of the firm has the power to look into these matters and ensure that they receive the appropriate services. The HRIS system software of the company will provide the necessary information related all such benefits that include medicals, phone bill payments, fuel etc.

Employee satisfaction

The most important factor is to keep the employees satisfied. If they become demotivated, the productivity and efficiency of the firm shall diminish and the path to success will become much more difficult than expected. The human resource management system of the company will record all necessary information regarding employee history including medical issues and the HR manager will be the one to consult to in order to ensure that they are needs are fulfilled. However, these will all be formalized under written documents so that no frauds can be done from any party.


If the employees face an accident at the work place and become injured, the employer will be liable to pay compensation to so that they can recover and report back to work. Even the employee salaries need to be handled properly so that they receive what they deserve and will be pre planned and will be recorded in their system.

Therefore, it is clear that the Human Resource Department of an organization plays a large role.

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